Helping Clients Choose the Right Natural Stone Slabs for Their Toronto Home Renovation

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Many clients walk through the door knowing that they want natural stone slabs used for their kitchen countertop, but they may be uncertain which stone will work best in their Toronto area home. They may already be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of marble and granite, so be sure to introduce them to some of the alternatives. Help your clients pick the right natural stone slabs for their Toronto home renovations!

Soapstone Kitchen Countertops

Once all the rage in kitchen countertops, soapstone is regaining its popularity. It comes in a wide range of colours and will bring a sleek, warm feeling to your client’s kitchen. As always, have your clients visit a warehouse or quarry to see the actual slabs. Once they touch a soapstone slab and feel its velvety softness, they may be sold.
If your client’s soapstone countertop is scratched, that softness can help save it. Scrapes can be etched out of soapstone. That means your client won’t have to position an appliance or trivet over a permanent scratch.
Although soapstone is soft like marble, it doesn’t have marble’s susceptibility to acidic foods and liquids. If your client spills wine, soda, or vinegar on their soapstone countertop, it won’t leave permanent pits and etches on the surface. Instead, the soapstone just needs to be wiped with mild soap and water to remove the spill.
There are some issues that your client needs to be made aware of before going forward with this trendy natural stone slab. It isn’t heat-resistant, so hot objects can’t be placed directly on the countertop; a trivet needs to be used to protect their counter.
Another issue may actually be an advantage in the eyes of some of your clients. Soapstone dents easily, so if your client drops a heavy pot or other object on the countertop, it may leave a mark. Some people adore the look of distressed soapstone and prefer the personality it adds. Even so, discourage your clients from deliberately bashing their countertop to achieve the distressed look. Proper care will allow their counter to last longer.
Soapstone needs regular maintenance to keep its sheen. Your clients will have to apply oil and buff it regularly to keep it looking its best.

Quartz Countertops

A popular and less costly alternative to pricey granite, quartz is just as durable and hard as that natural stone. There is a wide range of colours available for your clients to choose from for their home renovation.
One of the biggest draws for quartz is how little maintenance is needed. If your clients are extremely busy or don’t want to seal and reseal a countertop, then quartz may be the best natural stone slab for them. They can enjoy glossy quartz kitchen countertops for years without the hassle of remembering to reseal or the panic of dealing with acidic liquids pitting their countertop after only seconds of contact. With quartz, simple soap and water can clean up almost any mess.
Your clients should know of the drawbacks associated with quartz. If they aren’t putting in new cabinetry, they need to ensure that the cabinets are in good repair since quartz is heavy. It’s also not heat-resistant like some other natural stones.
Help your clients pick the right natural stone slabs for their Toronto home renovations by showing them all their options.